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Q: Must I read the book?

A: Short answer: No. Longer answer: Sort of, but actually not really. Each chapter is presented in a video, which we will watch together before we discuss the chapter. SO if you don’t read the chapter on time or at all, you’ll still get the gist of the topic and will hopefully be game to join in the discussion and not just be a wallflower. Wallflowers are also welcome. On the other hand, it will be very helpful to read the book, partly because it is easy, insightful and fun, and reading it will offer a chance for you to prepare questions and offer bookish insights during the discussions of the videos.


Q: Buy, borrow or steal?

VUMC has some extra copies of the paperback version, which I, Jonathan Seiling, can lend ( You can of course buy it at, or locally at Heritage Christian Book store, or order at (where they have loads of other great stuff). Seek and ye shall surely find. As for stealing a copy, ask someone younger than yourself if the web offers pirated digital copies. I know nothing of the sort.


Q: Do I register?

A: Let me know if you want, or just show up. We might be dealing with leftover pizza, but hopefully not a shortage.


Q: Where are the videos posted?

A: Here:

And here:

Also see the author’s blog:


Q: Who is this Bruxy guy?

A: He’s a good one, about as good as preacher-teachers come these days. See On Wikipedia you’ll learn his name was originally Bruce. Does this mean his followers will change their names to, let’s say, Jonathaxy? Probably not, but there’s a chance…


Q: Can our book discussion group meet this Bruxy someday?

A: Probably. Let’s talk about making that happen.


Q: Is the pizza we’ll eat locally-sourced, organic, super-food infused, paleo-something?

A: No. Not even close. It’s just good pizza. It’ll make you feel fat for a bit, but that’s ok once a month, right?


Q: btw whatsa young adult anyway?

A: It’s a feeling. On two or more levels. First, do you feel like an “adult” as society describes this group in contrast to children, tweens or retirees? Second, do you feel “young” in any sense at all? Did you balk at the 3 letters and lack of capitalization in the above question (btw)? That third point is probably not important, but more importantly, if you’re reading this and you want to join, you’re most likely young-enough and adult-enough to take part in this non-book book discussion.


Q: Who will lead the discussion?

A: I will (Jonathan Seiling, PhD, Associate Pastor at VUMC, soon to be rebranded Jonathaxy?), that is, until another willing and capable leader arises. Then we shall be led to pass around the leading. We’ll make it up as we go.


Q: Is this the only “thing” for young adults at VUMC?

A: Not by a long shot. Most things at VUMC are for everyone, intergenerational-like. There is, however, a monthly Friday evening combined event for youth (high school) and young adults who’d like to have some food and play games, etc. (see calendar) In Niagara the Mennonite Church of Eastern Canada congregations are starting to work together to plan young adult events for the whole “cluster” in Niagara. Stay tuned. Our first cluster-wide worship service will be Friday, November 24, details tba.  We hope to make that a regular thing.

At VUMC we host a monthly volleyball evening, monthly floor hockey, both of which are Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm, open-age (see calendar). On Sunday mornings we have a Sunday school class (soon to be rebranded Sundaxy schoolaxy?), which combines youth, young adults, sponsors, parents, etc., where we watch videos about books. Except nobody reads the book. We just discuss the videos, no pretensions about reading. We actually watch the videos so that we don’t have to read the books. Then there is the less popular 5am Saturday morning parkour-yoga, which meets in the parking lot. No one ever comes, perhaps because parkour-yoga doesn’t really exist (Google seems to think otherwise), but if you do attend please let the rest of us know it’s on and what it is. We should also inform our insurance company.


Q: If I have other questions, whom shall I ask?

A: Jonathan Seiling will try his best to answer them: