Application to the VUMC Service and Faith Enrichment Fund


Please read the attached detailed description, eligibility requirements and the application instructions below before applying: 

  1. Fill in the form below, indicating the name of the child/youth/adult who is the potential beneficiary of the fund as the "recipient".
  2. Families with more than one potential beneficiary must submit a separate application for each child.
  3. Funding may be offered to a maximum of $500, based on financial need.
  4. Funds are limited to one disbursement per individual beneficiary per year (a family may receive more than one, but no potential beneficiary may receive more than one disbursement per year).
  5. The funding will be given as a reimbursement for actual costs, or paid toward an invoice.
  6. Nominating process: For applicants who are not members or active participants at VUMC, a nomination is required. If the amount requested exceeds $500, the person who nominates and/or the recipient will be responsible for covering expenses in excess of $500 (for example, if camp registration costs $700, the Fund will cover $500 and the nominating member(s) and/or the parent of the camper will be responsible for covering the remaining $200.
  7. In the case of a nomination, a letter of support is required from the nominating member, which explains their relationship to the nominee, and the reasons why the nominee should receive support. Please send letter of support to:
  8. Deadline: Please allow up to two months for processing. Please indicate if exceptional circumstances require a more immediate decision. The Fund will accept applications year round and the recipient or recipient's parents will receive notification of the decision.
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Name of Recipient
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Name of VUMC Nominating Member (if required)