What To Expect

Entrances:  There are several ways to enter the church building:

  • Sanctuary – there are main central doors and two side doors.  When you enter any of these doors, you will be walking into the back of the sanctuary.


  • Education Wing – the west entrance opens into The Gathering Place, with couches and soft chairs.   A hallway to the church office and a set of stairs leading to second floor classes are easily accessed through this entrance.

The east entrance offers ready access to the gymnasium, the board room and a wheelchair accessible ramp that leads into the sanctuary.

Restrooms are available in the Education Wing.

Coffee Time:  Throughout the school year, there is an intergenerational coffee time in the gym on Sunday mornings in the 25 minute window between Sunday school and the worship service. 

Worship:   Everyone is invited to join in worship services – singing, reading Scripture,                listening to the sermon, sharing joys and concerns for prayers.

Music selections are a mix of traditional hymns and some contemporary songs that have been included in a binder.  Scripture readings and words to songs and hymns are projected on screens during most worship services.

Offering:    Every morning worship service includes receiving a freewill offering which                supports the church and its ministries.  As a visitor, there is no expectation for you to give.  But we invite any person who wants, to give generously in gratitude for God’s grace in their lives.  

What to wear?  Most generally, people come in dressy, casual clothing.  On any                     Sunday, you will find a range of styles:  dresses, dress pants, suit coats, sometimes ties, and jeans.  Summer attire is more casual.