Faith Explorers

We believe that Jesus' Christ message discriminates none, and spreads to all, young and old - that's why it is important to have Sunday school. Biblical history and Learning is available and catered to the new Generations, delivered through activities before the regular service. Join us Sunday Mornings at 9:30 for Sunday school worship.



CONNEXUS is a program available for our children and youth during the worship service. Faith Explorers continues as usual before the worship service, but CONNEXUS provides an occasion for children and youth to connect with each other and with God while the adults listen to Scripture and the sermon.

During the offering collection we leave together to gather in the boardroom. There is a "talking stick" which is used, and when someone wants to speak, they can take their turn using the talking stick. Jonathan Seiling, the Associate Pastor, plays the role of "firekeeper" in a similar way to the custom of Native spiritual gathering, where someone keeps the fire burning, both literally (OK, ours is electric) and metaphorically.

We sing, have time to doodle while others talk, ask questions of each other and then we return to the sanctuary later on. We use a "word cloud" to look at the Scripture which is being studied by the adults.